Meet Sheila Cliffe on March 23rd

Meet Sheila Cliffe

Inspiration strikes every day and last October when I met Sheila Cliffe at the monthly FEW meeting  I knew we shared some style passion. At the time, I was promoting Tziporah Salamon’s events in Japan and Sheila was one of our early sign ups. Sheila and Tziporah share some of that same style eye to coordinating their looks. They both have a love of history, textiles, motifs, color-fabulous color and an ability to put it all together in a very singular fashion.

That October program, along with Chizuko Takahashi of Kimono Tango,  was such an entertaining evening, I didn’t want it to end, so when I learned about the book Sheila had in the works, I hoped to be involved in bringing another style event together.

I’m thrilled to invite you to join us on March 23rd (Thursday) for an evening to celebrate the release of The Social Life of Kimono and learn more about Sheila’s personal journey in kimono dressing. She will demonstrate the artistry in putting together all the elements that go into wearing kimono. Sheila does this every day. I love that commitment. However, even though I find it infinitely inspiring, I know that’s not a desire for all of us so I’d like to bring some of what we learn from Sheila into our everyday wardrobes. Sometimes that means actual kimono goods remade and sometimes it simply borrowing an idea from kimono dressing. It’s bound to be an inspiring evening. We’re also lucky to also have Kimono Tango on hand with their latest products made from beautiful Japanese textiles and Melanie Uematsu, a tailor in Tokyo, that helps me bring my outfit ideas into reality and hanging in my closet.