Kimono Book Launch & Style Event

March 23rd marks the release of Dr. Sheila Cliffe’s new book, The Social Life of Kimono. Join us to celebrate this special event from 7-9pm on Thursday, March 23rd, in Minami Azabu Centre Hall 3F. Learn more about Sheila’s 30 year study of the kimono and see kimono dressing through her eyes to understand how kimono is not Read more

Tziporah Salamon in Japan 2016

Join Tziporah Salamon in Japan!

Tziporah’s Stories (with clothes!) In styling as in life, Tziporah is an artist: her canvas is the human body, her paints are fabric and cloth, her brush is her eyes. Join magical storyteller, Tziporah Salamon, on her sartorial journey drawing from life lessons and her extensive experience in NYC’s fashion scene. Tziporah has developed a Read more


Tziporahのファッションストーリー アーティストであるTziporahのスタイリングの観点は人間の体をキャンパスとし、目を筆として生地や布でペイントするのです。このイベントではTziporahがニューヨークのファッションシーンをもとに描画された彼女の人生の教訓や豊富な経験から作り出された彼女自身の人生のファッションの旅についてを語ります。「人々はユニークな個性のためだけにドレスアップするのでなく、時には努力も必要」彼女が考えるそんなドレッシングの哲学や創造性、大胆さ、想像力を彼女のトークでお楽しみください。もっと読む

Join Tziporah Salamon in Hong Kong!

Art of Dressing Seminar Are you interested in style, fashion, textiles, vintage, accessories, art and aesthetics? Are you looking for ways to elevate your communication through style? Everyone can use a little more inspiration in their lives, so when the opportunity to bring the legendary Tziporah Salamon to Asia this November arose, we jumped at Read more